The 90th Anniversary Commemorative
Sword of Zorro®

Concept art of hilt with rain guard in place

The researchers at Albion Swords Ltd. have developed this design as both an authentic and romantic commemoration of the 90th Anniversary of El Zorro®, based on extensive research on the period immediately before and during Zorro’s® heroic defense of the people of California.

The Concept
The name of “Zorro®” stands for high adventure and daring – a latter day knight errant, defending the weak and righting wrongs. The sword of Zorro® should embody all of these qualities.

Albion Swords Ltd also sees the sword of Zorro® as a family heirloom, marked with the historical family crest and motto of the historical de la Vegas of Asturias, Spain.

As Zorro is renowned as a swordsman and expert at marking his enemies with his trademark sign of the “Z,” the sword of Zorro® must be a true swordsman’s sword – fast, agile and well suited to the task.

The Blade
We chose a variant of the “colichemarde” style for the blade of the sword.

The colichemarde is considered to be a descendant of the rapier and an early developed form of the “small sword.” The shape of a colichemarde combines advanced parrying qualities with good thrusting strength, as well as the ability to manipulate the tip of the sword more rapidly and precisely. Thanks to a wide ricasso/forte (often with several fullers) which then steps down dramatically in width at the fullers’ end, the weight of the blade is concentrated in one's hand, making it possible to maneuver the blade at a greater speed and with a higher degree of control. This style of blade appeared circa 1680 and was popular during the next 40 years at the royal European courts, fitting perfectly with Zorro’s® time period. The colichemarde primarily saw use as a dueling weapon rather than as a military sword.

We have chosen to reproduce a blade that evokes the heyday of the master swordsmiths of Toledo, Spain in the 16 th and 17 th centuries. A dramatic and complex blade geometry not often attempted by blademakers today, the cross section is rectangular at the ricasso, transitioning to a hollow-ground triangular section from ricasso to Stromacione (stromazone) tip.

The blade will also feature the historical Asturian de la Vega family motto with the seven crosses on one side of the blade from their armorial crest,
( ++Ave+Maria+Gratia+Plena++ or “Hail Mary Full of Grace”), deeply engraved in the ricasso in the traditional style of the period. This motto is a quotation from the Angelic Salutation, the words used by the Angel Gabriel in saluting the Blessed Virgin (Luke I:28) during the Annunciation – words used in supplication and penance by Catholics since the Middle Ages.

Mary was often the patron of Knights – most notably the Knights Templar – and this supplication can be found on many blades from the High Medieval period onward and is thought to be an appeal for protection and assistance in desperate causes. This supplication survives even today in the “Hail Mary Pass” in American football - a forward pass made in desperation, with only a small chance of success. Thus, the inclusion of this motto is not only historical, but fits the story of Zorro perfectly.

The swelling tip was developed on some sword blades of the period as an aide in performing Stromacione (stramazone) - a quick, light slash or scratch tip-cut to the face, used to harass, blind, or distract your opponent during swordplay. This style of fencing from the Italian and Spanish schools of swordplay is contemporaneous with Zorro’s period (and slightly before) and would seem a perfect match with Zorro’s
® penchant of marking his opponent with the sign of the “Z.”

The Hilt
For the design of the hilt, we reviewed various Spanish rapiers from the 17 th and 18 th centuries, including their more crude cousins from the Spanish colonies in America. From these examples, we chose a swept-hilt design with a shell guard.

The hilt furniture of the sword will be blackened and will feature the historical Asturian de la Vega family crest on the face of each shell in a raised design.

As the masked defender of his people in the Spanish Colonies of California, the identity of his sword must also be hidden behind a mask – hence the (removable) black leather rain guard that ties in a dashing swashbuckling fashion over the guard of his sword.

The 90th Anniversary Sword of Zorro
® will be a perfectly balanced, fully functional sword. The blade will be hand heat-treated and hand-ground, the hilt components hand finished by the experts at Albion Swords Ltd, one of the premiere production sword companies in the world. The 90th Anniversary Sword of Zorro is sold sharp, unless otherwise requested by the customer.

A Limited Edition Hand Crafted Collectible Sword
This sword is offered in a limited edition of only 1,000 collectible swords worldwide.

Overall length: 45""
Blade length: 36"
CoG: 1" from guard
CoP: 23"
Weight: 3 lbs

The 90th Anniversary Commemorative Sword of Zorro®... $3,234


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