Authenticated and exacting re-creations of swords and armor made famous in film, television, literature and fantasy art.
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The Swords of Conan
...We picked up the Father's Sword and I was floored by the packaging, and upon opening the packaging, I was stunned by the quality and workmanship of the sword.

I never expected it to be soooo good.

It is just like the image on the website, and after a less than satisfactory previous experience [with another company], believe me, it was such a relief to view such a magnificent piece of art.

I am continually amazed by the detail of the relief work on the pommel and the guard. The runes on the blade are marvellously executed, and set it off so nicely.

Even though the weight is posted on the website, I never expected it to be so weighty, and I wonder how you managed to balance it so well.

A superlative piece of work. Thank you everyone at Albion Armorers. Dreams do come true.
-- Jerry

Dear Mike, Howy, Amy, Jody and everyone else at Albion who is responsible for bringing dreams to life,

Much the same as the way I felt that I climbed down into the tomb and pulled the Atlantean (sans dust, cobwebs and decay!) from the dead kings hand myself when I opened that box last year, I feel like Conans parents handed this Sword to me right after they finished creating the masterpiece when I opened the box today containing the Fathers Sword. So true to what appeared on the screen before my eyes for all these years. There's not much to say that hasn't already been said.

Yes this Sword is at least as impressive as the Atlantean, but the Atlantean was the one I truly adored since I was a child. As much as I thought I was prepared for this by having already seen how impressive your craftsmanship is (Atlantean) I was still stunned and speechless when I first looked upon The Fathers Sword.

Looking into the empty eye sockets of the elks skull you can almost "feel" the dismal spirit of Crom and the Cimmerians, and the harshness of the land that those grim people hail from. For some reason I thought this Sword would be more awkward in handling than the Atlantean but it actually balances better and feels much lighter despite all of its mass.

The castings, the runes, the blade, the leather wrapping... all unbelievably perfect. Masters Sword is a fitting name. Stunning.

As I've said before, to thank you a million times still would not suffice. Owning The Atlantean was certainly a dream come true, but to sit here and look at both Swords in front of me goes well beyond any dream I have ever had. Now I am convinced that Crom DOES in fact listen, after all, he sent us Albion Armorers!
Sincerely and with my best wishes always,
--Clifford C

The Poetic Wiseacre Strikes Again

What is steel compared to the hand that wields it?

I ponder the Riddle of Steel,
As the Master's Sword I now behold.
Its weight & heft & balance, I feel,
'Tis truly worth its weight in gold!

The relic of Atlantis,
First of the Conan blades,
Is a beauteous thing of power,
Earning praise to all in spades!

Now I hold the Master's Sword,
Made by the father, broken by the son,
In the heat of single combat,
At the Battle of the Mounds, won.

In quality so very high,
In beauty 'tis unsurpassed,
In craftsmanship unequalled,
'Tis more than I could've asked!

The Atlantean sword appears to me,
As the only rival to mention.
But to choose a favorite between them,
Is to create unnecessary tension.

Such great blades inspire us,
To pick a war to fight and win!
What magic is there bound inside?
Perhaps they are Stormbringer's kin?

Hephaestus must've blessed the forge,
Of the illustrious Mr. Samson.
What other reason is there,
For his works, so strong & handsome?

Eitri must be running about,
Giving help & bestowing aid,
For I see no rival to Albion,
At the task of forging blades!

Reorx can place his bets,
With confidence & ease.
The crew at Albion Armorers,
Are best at aiming to please!

So then, what is steel?
Compared to the hand that wields it?
'Tis a tool of training for the Warrior,
To make him strong and make him fit.

The Discipline of Steel.
For this I toil & train,
With stick & blade & empty-hand,
Through soreness & through pain.

Thank-you, all at Albion,
For the sword, numbered thirty-two.
I shall see what else you'll make,
And, in time, place in a call or two.

It should be noted at the last,
Of this silly semi-poetic tale:
I didn't have to wait over a year,
For this sword to arrive in the mail!

(Anybody remember my last poem???)

-- Daniel W

(Reference notes:
Stormbringer is the evil magical black hell-sword owned by Elric, anti-hero of Michael Moorcock's novels. The sword feeds on souls and has a lot of cross-dimensional brothers & sisters.
Hephaestus is the Greek god of the forge who made armor for Achilles and a throne for Zeus.
Eitri is the dwarf of Norse mythology responsible for creating Mjolnir, the Crusher, hammer of Thor, God of Thunder.
Reorx is the god of Dwarves and the forge who created the world in the Dragonlance novels by Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman. In his mortal appearance, he is a fun-loving dwarf with a severe gambling problem.)
It is difficult to put into words my feelings as I opened the box of my Father's Sword. It was literally a dream come true to be holding such a masterpiece of art and craftsmanship. In the twenty years since I first saw the sword on the silver screen, I never really believed I would ever be able to own one.

So to see the Father's Sword along side my Atlantean sword is simply beyond description! I want to offer my sincere thanks to everyone involved who helped bring these magnificent swords to life! They truly are works of art!
Dear Mike,
I received my Fathers Sword today. Unbelievable!!! What an awesome weapon sitting there in its crate.

When I took the sword out I was floored by the weight of it yet amazed by the balance, perfect! This is quite a weapon. I have many swords in my collection, all finely made but this sword is the crown jewel. I have been waiting a long time for this, not just since I ordered it almost 18 months ago but since I first saw Conan at the theater more than 20 years ago. Well let me tell you all it was well worth the wait.

A fantastic job by all involved from Albion Armorers to Jody Samson. I wish to express my heartfelt thanks to all for the preparation and work put into making this sword become a reality for me. Thank you all.
-- Ron C
Dear Mike & all folks of Albion
At last! FATHER'S IS HERE!!!!!! All worth the past week's sleepless nights & horrible tension! In fact I received it on 20 May,but it took me a while to accumulate all pics I've been badly wanting to share with you all!

As to the sword, now... it is with great reluctance that I say, nay, ADMIT, that in many respects it IS superior to the Atlantean.

That a bad thing? you may ask... HARDLY. So, after the arranged usual, standard (that befits all Albion products) little ceremony/ritual of the removal of the wooden lid, we (everyone present) happened upon a small... well, a 39-inch long and some 7 lbs heavy miracle.

It did strain eyes to say the least, after gazing at it for the rest of the day. The hilt is phenomenal, just a dream, so beautifully wrapped in leather. The pommel is a bit bigger than that of the Atlantean, and the guard.... well, lets just say this is as massive a guard as you can get!

And then the blade with its full-length runic inscription... unbelievably wide, particularly at its emerging from the elk's antlers, narrowing down gradually towards the point, but... with great sadness I realized when I took measures that it's still a BIT WIDER than my beloved Atlantean blade, whose blade width I considered as the absolute & perfect max (sigh). Jody did marvels in sharpening this one, I actually cut my thumb on its first cleaning & oiling!

All in all, a TRUE MASTERPIECE. Milius was absolutely right to favor this one over the classic Atlantean. As for Albion's contribution: lets just say that the 1st one was merely the impression. This one is the INDICATION.

Keep it going guys! And all the best to that great customer service guy of yours! He truly delivers.
-- Chris
...I just want to let you know that I received my Atlantean Sword and that I am overjoyed with how marvelous it is. It is far more spectacular than I could have ever imagined.

When I first saw Conan the Barbarian at the age of four, I knew that I wanted that sword. For years I have bought cheap imitations that didn't even come close to the original.

Finally someone is making accurate and FULLY FUNCTIONAL replicas of the best swords ever made.

Once I visited your site I knew beyond a doubt that I had to have one of your Atlantean Swords. The most difficult part of buying the sword was convincing my wife that I absolutely had to have it. But now that it has arrived, even my wife thinks that it is amazing.

My original thoughts were that I would never touch the sword since it was so expensive, but I was wrong. It is so beautiful that I can't put it down.

When my sword first arrived, I was awe struck. The blade is wider than any I have ever seen and the weight of the sword has a perfect balance to it. The fact that I had mine sharpened made me a little nervous to swing it around at first, but after awhile you can't resist. I look forward to getting the Fathers sword next and then scabbards.

Thank You so much for making this Conan fan very happy.
... Guys, the least you could do is warn me before shipping... giving me a heart attack from finding a large box marked "decorative ironwork" on my front porch is not very nice at all :)

Absolutely gorgeous... bigger than I expected, but not as heavy as it looks. Nice clean casting work on the guard and pommel, deep and sharp etching, and wonderful angles on the blade.

Just a fantastic piece all around, and well worth the 18 month (and 22 year) wait! Took me an hour to put it down...
...Well, after enviously suffering through reading others' glowing testimonials about their glorious Atlanteans, I finally get to add mine! (It seems like after awhile, all of these " I finally have it!" stories begin to sound like the same person, and in a way they are...)

Now I've known since first seeing Conan in '82 that I must have this sword, but I was amazed to discover when I read the Riddle of Steel Diary and testimonials just how many others felt this exact same call. That film has turned out to have inspired so many of us with its incredible production design, stirring music, and epic scenes. It even steered some of the most fortunate of us to become professional artists, designers, and of course, swordsmiths!

Thanks, of course, go to all of you at Albion for finally making this "destiny" achievable. I would also like to add my special thanks to the Albion crew for holding such a high standard for the quality of products and excellence in customer relations. You have definitely earned your solid and well-deserved reputation.

Now this part is for the folks who like to peruse the testimonials like I did: What is the Atlantean sword really like in person?

Well, when you open the box, you are struck with the fact that this really is THE sword from the Atlantean tomb. After all those years, here it finally is! And it is old -- I mean ancient old -- "fresh from the tomb" so to speak. Crom!

If you had it sharpened by Jody, there's a charming little warning paper folded over the blade informing you that it is "VERY SHARP, MORON!" (ok, I added a word, but it's basically there in spirit)

So after about a minute of just staring dumbfounded at the thing and trying to take it all in, someone probably says, "Aren't you gonna pick it up?"

Oh yeah, you can do that now. After all, it's YOURS isn't it?

Somehow it doesn't seem yours, though (your thoughts are still of it firmly clutched in the Atlantean general's hand).

You suddenly remember to press "play" on the paused Conan Soundtrack CD -- carefully cued to "Atlantean Sword".

So you slowly reach down and grasp the handle (so that's what the cord feels like... wow, it's a lot more rugged that it looks in the pictures), and you start to pull it out of the box.

There, it's out!... and, whoa, it's HEAVY (my God, was this the sword Arnie was swinging around like that?!!!).

You instantly picture yourself dropping it clean through your foot, and grip it tighter with both hands. You hold it up and, of course, look right at those crosspiece heads and blade runes. Grrr- little bronze sea monsters of death! (So that's what the top/bottom sides of the head look like! Wow, these runes are really deep.)

Damn, this is too cool... Wow!... Damn.

You have an idea! After looking around, you pick up a scrap piece of paper, pause a second, and then run it slowly along the edge of the blade. It splits in two without effort...

(You become even more aware that this is indeed a real honest-to-God weapon, and reaffirm your desire never to be the dope in the idiot/sword injury story that leaves respectful folks shaking their heads).

Then, of course, you immediately head for the nearest mirror. (Oh, yeah -- bring it on, Thulsa Doom!).

Cue the title music...  
-- Troy B
!!!!!!! WOW !!!!!! It came today while I was at work. I couldn't wait for time to pass so I could get home and get my hands on it.

 ...after spending a few minutes digging through the cardboard shipping carton made my way to the wood and leather. I opened the box and I have to admit this 47 year old white male teared up a bit.

I have finally realized the culmination of my 20 year dream of owning an actual Atlantean sword from the Conan series. Absolutely magnificent and outstanding workmanship.

The sharpening job is fantastic too and I can tell you I know what a good edge feels and looks like and this one has had a fine job of love and care applied to it.

Once I managed to get my act together enough to remove it from the box and actually wrap my fingers around the grip I was truly amazed at the balance and "feel" of the sword. I have to admit that the mechanics that have gone into the making of these fine weapons has been well researched and refined. It is a heavy piece indeed but the balance point has been engineered to a fine degree and in my opinion could not have been done better.

This is truly a magnificent example of American engineering and workmanship and everyone associated with the creation of these swords should get a resounding applause and all the praise that can be sent their way. It is an art that is much unappreciated these days and your collected efforts should stand as an example to the rest of America that true workmanship and attention to detail is alive and well here.

Much has already been written by other recipients of these swords attesting to the quality and overall personal appeal and anything I could muster would be a repeat of words already penned. I can sum it up by saying that I am pleased to no end to now be an owner of such a fine sword and I intend to show it off every chance I get and buff my ego as often as I am given the opportunity.

Mike, my hat's off to you and please do let the rest of the staff there at Albion know how appreciative this man is of their efforts and their dedication. Not just any group of people could have done this and insisted on the accuracy and details that Albion has. This has to be done as a labor of love and dedication and no amout of praise could ever repay that dedication. Here's wishing all of you one very merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I know mine already is, thanks to you all.
-- D. Earl
...I just got the sword yesterday and all I have to say is WOW! I must have sat and stared at it for hours last night. I put in my Conan DVD and acted out some of the scenes.

All I have to say is THANK YOU -- You guys have made a dream come true. I will be saving up some money in order to get the Fathers sword someday. Once again THANK YOU!!!!!!!
-- Mario A
...Received the Atlantean today; WOW.

The attention to detail & symmetry is superb. A truly impressive weapon.

The quality of the sword & the friendly, professional service I received from the ordering process to delivery was absolutely top notch. Well done!!
-- John
...Incredible! Awesome! A masterpiece!

I received my Atlantean yesterday, can't you tell? I was so excited when it came that I opened it at the post office window. I must say that you all have done a wonderful job, both in the creation of this magnificent sword and in the handling of the shipping.

 I'm serving the Air Force in Germany and the mail system can be a trial to say the least. Standard parcel post can take up to 90 days and priority can take as many as 10 business days. You sent my Atlantean on Friday and I received it on Monday. Bravo! That's a record, and I've spent alot of time over here.

I can only repeat what has already been said about the Atlantean. It's hands-down the most beautiful fully functional sword on the market. I'm thankful that you chose to make it a true sword and not just a prop or "wall hanger". Of course, I would never dream of swinging it at anything for fear of marring the blade.

Before buying it I studied the pictures you put on your website. I noticed the full tang, the tempering, the quality of steel and materials you used. And the edge that Mr. Samson put on my blade...Wow!

Thanks to all at Albion on the Conan Project who have made my dream of owning the Atlantean a reality. I look forward to visiting your site and purchasing more from you in future. Once again, bravo!
-- Eric S 
...I have just seen the first pics of the prototype for the Fathers Sword and I wanted to email all of you and tell you all what I thought of it.

The only problem is that I can't find the words to tell you all just how magnificent it looks! I have been waiting for a faithful reproduction of that sword all of my adult life (and most of my childhood).

Thank you for all of your skills and hard work for bringing it to life (especially Jody). I just wanted to say that and also that I can hardly wait to receive my own sword and see it finally before my own eyes. Again many thanks to all involved in the project.
-- Nick A
...Today you made me very very happy! When a few hours ago a big delivery van stopped in front of our house, I got really nervous. With shaking knees I ran downstairs where I could already see the big package leaning against the windows next to the door. After signing for it I thanked the delivery guy like he was Santa Clause and I think he even felt a bit like that when he went away :). After carrying the big thing upstairs I finally got to open it.

By describing what happened next I could only repeat what others have already written. There is no other sword that could be compared to the Atlantean! So I just thank Jody and everyone else for making a childhood dream come true. And I especially thank Mike for his patience and making me feel comfortable. Thank's bud ;).

You have found another loyal customer and I'm looking forward to dealing with you again.
-- Norman B
...Hello, just wanted to let you know I did receive my Atlantean the other day. It is completely and totally KICK ASS... I love it! It was everything and more than I expected.

I want to thank you and everyone at Albion for making a 20 year dream come true. Now I need to save my pennies for when the Valeria sword becomes available!!!
--Todd D
Poetic Gratitude by a Poetic Wiseacre

Long ago my Path began,
When I was of age to decide.
It happened when I read a comic book,
A tale of Thor's wildest ride.

So young, no words were spoken,
But understanding was instinctive.
Right then I chose, without a doubt,
The Warrior's Path; it's distinctive!

My parents took it not too serious.
They figure, like all things done,
By the young shall soon be purged,
Once I had aged near twenty-one.

Then they let me watch the movie,
Of Conan and his Riddle of Steel,
And then all other Paths were broken,
Beyond any argument or appeal.

The later study of martial arts,
Taught me of the knife & the stick.
It gave me love of the hammer & the sword,
And even the lightsaber, made with movie magic.

At "fever pitch" of my weapons training,
I chose my personal prizes.
First of them was the Atlantean sword,
Among my armaments & surprises.

For all this time there were none who sold it,
And I just settled for fine custom work,
For I had pondered buzzing Mr. Samson,
To one day help me settle this personal quirk.

You can imagine my surprise,
When Albion advertised!
And a year-and-a-half later,
The Atlantean Sword had finally arrived!

It was the first November morn,
When the package finally came in.
Crom must've smiled at me,
When I popped the top & looked in.

What Craftsmanship! What Quality!
What Beauty! What Magnificence!
Such a fine blade of power & fury,
Balanced with Timelessness & Excellence!
Happy & proud, I truly am! I hold a piece of Heaven.

'Tis more than enough to overlook,
My so-so listing as number fifty-seven!
And the timing was fortuitous.
The opportunity so clear,
To be a showman just two days later,
At the local Renaissance Faire!

I walked among the crowd,
The blade cradled in my arm,
Careful not to poke or jab,
Or put anyone to harm.

I was met with many stares & gapes,
And several had asked me about,
Where did I get such a weapon,
A blade so strong and stout?

Many thought I'd done the impossible,
Perhaps by Chance or Divine Mishap,
That I managed to buy this big baby,
From the local blade-vendor's pile of crap!

I gave many of the admirers,
The chance to heft the blade.
They took the moment and were thankful,
Their smiles certainly did not fade!

Thank you all for bestowing me,
A weapon of power & wrath.
Though if the truth were spoken out,
'Tis a stepping-stone on the Warrior's Path.

May Fortune, Luck & Prosperity,
Bless & benefit you all!
And I will wait for the Father's Sword.
Is it going to arrive next Fall?

-- Daniel W

 ...I am writing this to inform you that I have recieved my Atlantean sword and of my first impression of this piece of art.
When I had first ordered the sword it was going to be an heirloom to be passed down in my family, much like the Japanese Katanas of old. I had plans of keeping it in its shipping crate and only displaying it occasionaly so that the detritus of age does not accumulate upon it or eat upon it with teeth of rust.
 However, once it arrived I was forced to reconsider my original plans. This object radiates such an air of perfection in art that it would be wrong to not be displayed. The closest thing I can liken this sword to is the Medieval Italian artists.
 What would be said if the Mona Lisa was hidden from display, or the Cistine Chapel closed to visitors, or perhaps the statute of David was locked away from public eyes? These pieces of art, renowned the world over, are the lasting legacy of their creators. So too is this sword the legacy of its creator. By just looking at its elegant lines, one can see the time and patience needed to bring this object to life.
 However, the life I speak of is the lasting history of the sword. Not only weapons, but instruments of truth and justice. By just holding the sword and letting its history communicate to you, one will understand what I mean. This does not happen with just any sword, but with just those that have the time and love invested in them. The temper must be exquisite, the heft without match, the workmanship beyond compare.
 To produce such an artform takes a special type of person, just like the ancient artists, not one that squanders their talents upon inferior objects. Into this light steps Mr. Jody Samson, truly one of the greatest who has created a legacy for which he should be remembered. On that note, Mr. Samson, I salute you.
-- James B

Thanks to everyone at Albion Armorers,
 I would like to especially thank Mike most of all. His customer service skills have surpassed my expectations. The joy of owning my own Atlantean sword was made even better by the friendly reception I received each and every time I called. Believe me when I tell you I called hundreds of times. Mike can certainly testify to that. It was a warm sense of belonging to have someone from your wonderful organization know me by name.
 I can't help but feel that I am the greatest fan of the Atlantean sword. I have wanted this sword since I first saw it with my dad when I was roughly five years old or so. I wore out the tape over the years as I watched the fight scenes to see the sword in action. I never believed I would actually own it myself.
 Unfortunately my dad passed away unexpectedly when I was fifteen. I regret that he did not live to see the sword himself. I know he would have loved it.
Thank you all for making my dream come true. The sword represents a time in my life when I had the innocence of youth and the burden of life's hardships were non-existent. The sword is beautiful beyond description. I have eagerly told others of the sword yet my words fail me. It's simply something you must see to believe.
 Well, I have to admit that Mike was completely right when he said that the sword would be overwhelming. It is as balanced as everyone claimed. Yet it was the detailing on the hand guard and pommel that really surprised me the most. I look forward to doing business with you guys again. Thanks for everything. The sword is truly a glimpse of heaven.
-- Gerard ( Jerry) " CROM!"
 ....I received my Atlantean on Tuesday 22 October. It came in no time, nicely packaged and boxed in its wooden crate. I took the lid off and almost died.
 It's been over a week now and I'm still reeling. I guess I was expecting it too damn long... 20 years... If this isn't a realization of a childhood dream, I don't know what is. This letter cannot quite cover how grateful I am, so I'd just say a huge THANK YOU to everybody involved in this project, all who labored long and hard and worked overtime in making all Conan fans' dreams come true - -thanks Amy, thanks Howy, thanks Randal, thanks Jody, thanks Mariah, thank you all.. but most of all I want to thank Mike, who not only provides the best customer service, but is also a great guy and this shows through. You made a huge difference, bud (thanks for bearing up with me 18 months now!).
  Take care friends and... well it seems already an understatement to say "keep up the good work", since Albion has more and more new and exciting stuff in store for us (hats off to Leif for designing a super-attractive website); frankly I cannot wait to get a hold of the mighty Master's sword. Or the Discerner for that matter.
-- Chris M
...Ever since I made this order, several months ago, I was wondering what I could write about the Atlantean which had not been written before.
 My first experience is rather short, but I'm going to try to share it with you, for it may be of some interest. I received this morning a statement from Japanese Customs telling me that there was an issue about the package, because Japanese law is quite an inconvenience about possessing a sword.
  A phone call later, it was explained that I had to acquire an import certificate from another service which, in turn, required me to ask for a sword holding licence from my local police office.
 So I had to go to the police, to whom I explained the characteristics of the Atlantean (I had brought a copy of the special issue of the magazine with me). The policemen of the weapons division were very kind and understanding -- and by the way one of them did know of Jody Samson, whose fame has reached Japan... But law is law, and the Atlantean being a real weapon which, even unsharpened, may be used to kill somebody, it is forbidden to buy one. Only a sword inherited from one's parents may be, as they told me. So the licence had to be refused.
  As a consequence, permission to receive the package containing the Atlantean was not granted to me, and I went to the Tokyo International Post Office, where it was held by the customs, to have it sent out of Japan.
 I sent it to the house of my parents, living in France. Before that, the Post Office employees let me open the box to see and hold the sword, one single time, before it left the country.
 I want here to underline the fact that all these people, policemen, as well as post office employees, were not vindictive at all, but could not break the law. What they did was only their duty. Moreover, letting me hold the sword was not their duty, but they did it out of kindness. It's something I feel thankful about. So I had a few minutes during which I discovered this great object I could only see photos of, or read other peoples' impressions for months until now. All that time waiting for the sword to be made was worth it. Even if it was for a short moment, I held my own Atlantean, I could feel the blade in my hands, and I could admire the artwork of the castings. I understood why a sword so perfectly achieved could not be considered as something other than a weapon. It is so well balanced that I did not have the impression of wielding a 4 kg heavy sword!
  At the end of this perfect moment, I had to send the sword away, where my parents will take care of it until I can take it again. I don't know how long it is going to take until I see it -- months, years or never -- but thanks to your work and thanks to these very kind Japanese people, I think I know, now, what this sword means.
Thank you so much, again.
-- Augustin V
...Just wanted to let you know the Atlantean sword arrived safe and sound... and was it ever worth the wait!
I have searched for an exact replica of this sword for the last twenty years. Everything I found always fell short. It either was of poor quality or poor design. I could never find a true licensed reproduction anywhere.
When I learned that Albion was collabrating with the designers and makers of the original I just about died. A dream come true! I have done business with Albion in the past and I knew I was in good hands.
I have studied swordsmanship for fifteen years and I've held many, many fine blades from all over the world. But none possess the awesome, barbaric beauty of the Conan sword. For me, it is the embodiement of the warrior. The strength, the discipline, and the honor. One can feel these qualities in the blade.
Thank you for making this warrior's dream come true.
-- Albert B
...Hello to everyone at Albion, just to let you know that the sword has arrived here in London and it had a grand unveiling last week. I had the sword sent to my office and it caused quite a stir when it arrived. I had 30 people crowding around my desk waiting in silence for me to unpack the sword, and they all let out a collective gasp when I took the lid off the wooden crate to reveal the Atlantean in all it's beauty. They had been waiting to see it as long as I had so it was only fair to hand it around so everyone could wield it and feel like Conan themselves. So thanks to everyone at Albion for realizing a dream and giving me the jewel of my sword collection.
-- Russell, London, UK

...I wanted to drop you a line and let you guys know that the Atlantean arrived here in Arizona safe and sound. I won't waste your valuable time repeating what you have already heard many many times from happy recipients... but... this sword is fantastic. I swear I could hear the movie soundtrack playing as I attempted to open the box.
I have to tell you this...
My youngest son is a massive 210 LB 6'5" Ice Hockey defenseman. He is the captain of his High School team, and a genuine warrior. This boy loves the Conan movie, but has not really developed a passion for swords... until today.
He came home from the dentist (strange that a hockey player would be going to the dentist) today and when I said I had something to show him he literally ran upstairs. He was shaking as I handed him the sword. He is generally a pretty calm conservative person, very serious and focused. Not today. He was like a little kid on Christmas morning. I have not seen him this excited in a long time. As we put the new sword carefully back in the box, my son reached over and shook my hand. Smiling he said, "Dad, you did real good!" I am very pleased. Thanks again for this wonderful masterpiece.
-- John T

...Just got my sword, it is truly magnificent! Like so many others here this is a 20 year dream come true, from the first time I saw it I began looking for it even writing to the movie studio to find out how I could get in touch with Jody. And now after so many years of bad knockoffs, I now own the one true Atlantean! I guess the highest praise that can be given is the fact my wife really likes it. Thank you so much.
-- John L
...Finally I hold my very own Atlantean Sword in my hands and I'm very proud of it! I can not believe that this dream came true at last. And I'm very happy that trading with a U.S. company as a European customer is that easy once you know how to do it. I have to thank you for your fine customer service, for this is not common in Europe: I guess we exchanged at about 50 emails before I finally ordered this sword. Thanks very much. But now let's talk about this great sword...
 The blade is the most important part of any sword and so I will report about it first. It is very flexible and durable, its form is nearly perfect - though it's quite hard to forge this double hollow grind. Using this sword in combat would tear my heart apart, because the blade might get damaged. I have lots of fun coating the steel with oil, it's a pleasure to feel this well formed steel on your fingertips. The satin finish looks great, just as the deep engraved runes do. I never knew that anyone can do such precise engravings in steel! Hilt and pommel castings are done very well, too. If you compare them with those of a silly $100 decorative sword, you might object that there are some parts on the Atlantean's hilt that are not cast perfectly. After all, this is not an assembly line - sword and these are bronze castings, and there's no inferior material used, that can be formed much easier. I for one am very content with this hilt and pommel pieces, I never thought that it is possible to cast them in one piece each. They definitely have some antique flair around them and surely look beautiful.
  The cord around the sword's grip really does a good job. I can't imagine that this sword might slide out of my hands -- if you ever held this weapon, you know what a "sure grip" means.
  To say one word about the sword's balance: it is just about perfect. Sure -- the sword is quite heavy. I'm used to my antique Japanese katana that's not heavy at all. But it took me just one day to handle the Atlantean and now I really can say: this is the deadliest sword I have seen yet. If you wield it you really can feel the destructive power that emerges from it. I don't want this sword to be owned by my enemies. After all: this is an amazing sword and I'm very very happy that I got it in the end. Albion Armorers: thank you very much for producing it this fine -- I owe You !
-- Joerg H
"Serenity's Edge" - by Matthew R. S
...I simply wanted to say thank you once again for the Atlantean. It was well worth the wait! Never before have I been so anxious to receive nor proud to own such a magnificent piece. People I know who aren't ordinarily impressed by or are rather indifferent to swords and knives find it hard to resist picking it up and admiring it. I own a number of pieces that I've collected over the years and I have never written nor called the dealer from which I acquired them thanking him or complimenting him for his service in any way. Even my [sword by another maker] pales in comparison to this sword. Once again, truly magnificent. Give my thanks to Jody and the entire crew at Albion.
-- Robert W
...A lifetime dream has finally come to realization, I can die now. Again thank you from the bottom of my soul!
-- Jason S
Dear Mike, Howy, Amy Jody, and Everyone at Albion Armorers,
Where do I begin?? I guess the beginning would be the best place. I have been a fan of the Conan movies since they were first released over 20 years ago. I remember sitting in the movie theatre, and watching with anticipation as the movie came on and the scenes started to roll across the screen. I remember sitting there in awe as Arnold fell into the hold of the Great King that died on his throne. When he took that awesome blade from the hands of the King, and began to remove the crust that formed on the blade, I was so engrossed. I remember telling my sister that I would one day own that blade, and I am so very proud to say that my day has finally arrived. I am serving in the U.S. Army and while I was taking some driver's training for some new vehicles that we will soon receive, a package came for me, from your wonderful factory.
 I must say that when I got to the box, my heart almost jumped out of my chest. I felt like a kid in a candy store. My hands started to sweat, and I was shaking nervously in trying to get it opened. All I could do is STAND THERE !!!. I was frozen in the moment, to see that blade for the first time. There truly are no words to describe what I felt. When I touched the hilt, and removed it from the box, I was awe struck to finally be holding a true work of art, after so many years of searching, and wanting -- to just be in the presence of this blade is overwhelming for me. This blade, with its wrapped cover announcing that it was sharpened by Jody Samson, was too awesome to even believe. To hold it, and feel its weight in my hands was an experience that I have waited for all of my adult life.
 Ever since I found you (Albion Armorers), I have been looking forward to this wonderful day. In my many conversations with Mike, he never once told me just how perfect this blade would be, he never said to me just how awesome it would be to actually hold it in my hands -- he did however tell me to be prepared for an experience that I would never forget. I must say that his words don't even begin to describe the feelings that I had today. I want to thank you all, for all of your hard work, your dedication, your love of swordsmanship, and your attention to the most extreme detail in this blade. It is truly a MASTERPIECE of art and workmanship. I will truly treasure this blade, and I will be sure to pass it along to my son and make it a family tradition, when my time comes to an end here in this life. This labor of love that you have undertaken has not gone unnoticed, it is sincerely appreciated from the depths of my heart and soul. I am forever in the debt of all of you for making this dream of mine a reality. Thank You once again,
-- Leonard C, Infantryman, United States Army

Dear Mike, Howy, Amy, Jody and Everyone at Albion,

Today, at 11:00AM, my 20th Anniversary Edition Atlantean arrived. Forever will the 17th of July 2002 remain a memorable date throughout the rest of my life.  The sword arrived safely and on schedule without flaw in the shipment.  Even as I signed for the sword I knew I stood upon the threshold of a major and momentous event in my life which is the realization of what so many have expressed in their testimonials before me ... the achievement of a long-awaited 20-year dream.  Looking back, as I read their testimonials before my sword arrived, I could only imagine the magnificent masterpiece of work that their eyes were witness to and what must have been going through their minds and hearts as they wrote their excellent testimonials and thanks for their dreams being fulfilled by Albion.  Yet, even those wonderful testimonials could not prepare me for the true magnificence of what my eyes beheld when I opened the superb packaging that the sword was shipped in.

  Crystaline and clear, as though being shot with a diamond bullet, the realization of the fulfillment of this beloved and long-awaited dream impacted me as I drew this marvelous masterpiece from its well-crafted shipping crate for the first time ... and I am not ashamed to say that some tears began to flow as I was emotionally caught up in the joy of the moment.  As I drew the Atlantean from its shipping crate the blade dragged for a moment against the wood making it sing just a bit and the sound of it alone was enough to make one realize that what was being held in hand was not a mere look-a-like replica, but an individual work of the greatest craftsmanship and diligent attention to detail.  Gazing along the lines of the blade, its straight trueness graced with intricate and supple curves in the right places heralded a beauty that was difficult to take in all at once.  Even the fuller is the most perfect I have ever seen.  The excellence of the EDM engraving of the runes exceeded my wildest expectations.  The detail in the sword's hardware is far beyond the scope of justice that could be rendered to it through any photograph, no matter how excellent the photography.  It is literally a piece of art, a master's work, that must be seen in order to be truly appreciated in its complete fullness.

  I am forever grateful for the sharpening of the sword that Jody placed upon it.  He has given it an edge that is Excalibur sharp and the edge is so perfect that one does not readily realize that the blade is sharpened until one feels the edge itself (very carefully I might add!).  Jody, thank you most graciously and sincerely for the excellent sharpening that you gave to my blade.  You are truly a master craftsman who is unparalleled.  I once sent Albion an email in which I said that I believed the creation of the Conan swords would become a hallmark in swordmaking history ... without a doubt I believe this has already happened with the creation of the very first of your Conan swords and that each succeeding one is yet another piece of swordmaking history added to Albion's well-deserved credit.
  With the fulfillment of this dream, Albion has touched my life in a very profound and wonderful way.  Were it left to my own device, I could go on and on about Albion's excellence and quality, yet I think I would just be reiterating the sentiments of those who've rendered testimonials before me and those who will be receiving their Atlantean and/or Father's Sword after me.  Likewise, if I were to try to articulate just exactly how much the achievement of this dream means to me personally or how deeply I respect and revere Albion Armorers and all the excellent people who comprise it, I believe I would only fail for there are no words adequate enough to render my deep and heartfelt gratitude to all of you for making this dream come true or the credit for your excellent work that you so richly deserve.  Therefore, I will close my email by merely saying a deep and heartfelt "Thank You!" with all sincerety and with every essence and fibre of my being. 

  Albion truly is the benchmark for quality and excellence in swordmaking be it a sword from the Conan project or one of their many other exceptional items.  I must add sincerely that the professionalism, excellent character and genuine courtesy of everyone at Albion is without compare.
With Warmest Regards,
-- Jim L

Dear Howy, Amy, Jody and everyone else involved with the Conan Project,
 We all have dreams. Very rarely in life does a dream come true. One thing I can think of that may be comparable to the joy of having a dream come true is the pride that can only come from making someone else’s dream come true. Everyone at Albion Armorers should have that overwhelming feeling of satisfaction. If half of the people who have received their Atlantean feel the same way I do about finally possessing this thing that was for all of my childhood and on into my adult life, nothing more than a dream and a fruitless search, then you have touched that many peoples lives in a way that most people never will.
 I'm not even going to try to describe my feelings about the Sword itself. A thousand emails and a thousand dictionaries full of words could never justifiably describe the quality, craftsmanship and detail of this fully functional, beautifully deadly work of art. Nor could they describe my personal feelings. It is impossible to prevent your mouth from hanging agape from merely looking at the Sword. Actually handling it is almost paralyzing. My hands were shaking as I was untying the leather thongs holding it in place in its shipping crate. I only hope that I never need to use it to defend life because I don’t think I would be able to take my eyes off of it long enough to concentrate on my foe! For those of us who read the Conan novels, we know how picky he was about his swords and his uncanny eye for good steel. If there was a Conan, he would be proud to make this Sword the prize of his collection. It cannot be matched. In my opinion, not even on The Anvil of Crom could such a Sword be forged.
 I wish I could say more but I truly have been left speechless. I just can't find the words. To state it straight forward and simple, Thank you Albion Armorers, for the dream of a lifetime finally realized.  Who says Crom doesn't listen?!?
Sincerely and with my best wishes always,
-- Clifford C
...I got my 20th Anniversary Atlantean sword today and I don't think there is any way possible that I could be any happier than I am right now.  The sword is absolutely amazing (unfortunately I'm at work right now so I don't have the luxury of having time to admire it right at the moment, but once I get home my full attention is going right to the sword).  I have to admit that I wasn't expecting it to be as big as it is... but it is a pleasant surprise.  I seriously can't thank you enough for everything you have done to help me since I placed my order...  I know I've asked so many questions and I am extremely grateful that you took the time to answer them all. 

  Once again I would like to thank all of Albion for pursuing the rights to make this sword because it is just perfect...there is no other way to describe it.  And I want to thank you most of all for being so very helpful and having the time and patience to answer my questions.  THANK YOU!!!!!!!
-- Chris D

Mike, Howy, Amy, Jody and all of Albion Armorers,
 I wanted to take the time to say thank you for my Limited Edition Atlantean Sword (No. 2). I had ordered the sword after discovering Albion Armorers almost 2 years ago and luckily placed a deposit to secure the sword to fulfill a long awaited dream. After opening the well sealed and carefully secured lid to the box containing this amazing piece of art, my eyes lit up with such joy and overwhelming excitement. The detail and craftsmanship is so flawless and powerful it looks as though it truly was forged by an ancient Atlantean god and discovered in his tomb. (Well-done Mr. Samson). I never expected my 20-year dream to be realized, yet, thanks to Albion Armorers, it was.
 I also wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your superior professionalism. This was the first time I have dealt with your company and it was a big risk on my part to actually give a deposit to secure a sword in my name that I have only seen pictures of on your well-developed web site. Well, I can truly say that everyone at Albion Armorers came through and are truly good people with intelligence, friendly personalities and are professional in every way. Now I can sit back and decide where to display my dream, and count the days when I can fulfill another one with the Limited Edition Father's Sword. Yes, I ordered that too. What is one without the other?
-- Dave H

…Today I received my Atlantean sword, it is magnificent, and the realization of a twenty year dream. The quality of the sword is amazing, the blade and the fittings combine to create a work of art that is absolutely breathtaking. The complex contours of the blade are unexpectedly intricate, it is something that must be seen in person to be fully appreciated. The guard and pommel are beautiful castings with fine detail. It is obvious that artist-craftsmen have been hard at work. To everyone at
Albion, thank you for creating such a fine museum quality sword, I will treasure it. A quote from Robert E. Howard seems appropriate, "Conan hefted the blade. It seemed as heavy as lead - a sword of the Elder Ages. Perhaps some fabled hero-king of old had borne it - some legendary demigod like Kull of Atlantis, king of Valusia in the ages before Atlantis foundered beneath the restless sea...Conan swung the sword... feeling his heart beat faster with pride of possession. Gods, what a sword! With such a blade, no destiny was too high for a warrior to aspire to!" Thank you so much for creating this sword. It is something I have wanted for twenty years, it is more than just a sword, it is truly a work of art. You can count me among your many very satisfied customers. I look forward to getting the Father's sword to complete my collection. Keep up the excellent work.
-- Timothy S
…My quest for the 20th Anniversary sword began 19 years ago and just ended on June 21st of 2002. I always wanted this sword and had promised myself that I would find a way to acquire a recreation or a skilled bladesmith to make one. That which we do not have yet makes us strive longer.
  When I opened the wooden crate I was hit with the same whirling excitement someone might get when they finally come face to face with a celebrity that they've anxiously awaited to meet for many years. There is absolutely nothing about this sword that I can pick apart and criticize negatively. Experiencing the heft and balance of this sword is a pleasant surprise. The weight of the sword itself seems to move the blade and there seems to be no struggle against gravity to perform any action. The sword really feels alive in your hands. As an experienced swordsman in the Samurai arts I am accustomed to the feel of a quality weapon and this sword is all about the proper "feel" of a well made sword.
  This newly made Atlantean is truly a beautiful mirror image of the Atlantean Arnold Schwarzenegger wielded in the classic Conan movies. I congratulate all of you at Albion Armorers and especially Jody Samson for recreating the magic that this sword possesses. This magic is truly the result of the careful joining of skill and science by a great bladesmith. With Great Appreciation,
-- Dr. Rick A. R
The Atlantean
by Lazarus N

for countless hours I sat there staring,
studying every curve
My bloodshot eyes gazed and quivered,
like the tingle in my nerves

all these years that i had been searching,
All quenched for what I sought
The sword bringing what was best in life,
albion had finally wrought

checking the magnificence with the film,
The images did not lie
I knew what i saw and saw what i knew,
all of fate could not deny

The price was so high yet justly meant,
For a weapon so finely made
I hone my skill and gather the money,
For the future the sword will aid

I cannot tell what lies in the future,
except for what I can feel
Many Questions I will seek and ponder,
even the riddle of steel

... First let me say that it is everything that all the others have said on the website and that for me as well, the culmination of a dream since first seeing the Conan movie in the theater as a child. The eloquence and sentiment that all the others have expressed would just be more of the same from me. Who knew so many felt as I did? No replica was ever good enough. "Bah", says Conan, "to dah four winds wit you replicas!" I would not own so many swords or love fantasy so much if it weren't for Robert E. Howard and Conan. The fine craftsmanship of this wonderful sword and the fact that I can finally be in a position to own it and have it at all, really, is a testament to all those others who, like me, never saw anything worthy of the name. Thanks to each and every last one of you that had anything to do with providing me with the opportunity to own this sword!
Thank you so much,
-- Eric C
...I can guess you probably have a good idea about what I'm going to say about the sword considering the past e-mails from other customers. Yes, it truly is the most impressive sword I have ever seen or held. The details on the fittings were fantastic and the etchings were a lot deeper in the blade then I expected, good call making them deeper than the original. Now I'm extremely fired up to receive the Father's Sword. Please personally thank Jody for sharpening my blade. It means a lot to me that he was so personally involved with the making of my sword.
  Again, Thanks for a great sword.
-- Vincent V

…I would like to thank Howy, Amy, Mr.Samson and the whole team at Albion Armorers for their contributions in producing such an exact replica and functional piece. I am immensely pleased to add that the hand finishing process adds value to the piece, such that each is unique in such a way that only a very careful and long examination will identify. In other words it is not apparent that the piece has been through a cnc mill (which is very good - in my opinion). I'm only left with the dilemma now of whether to display it or secretly treasure it!, as it is such a nice work of art I'm not sure I want everyone putting their grubby hands on it!!! In a word WOW!, although that is too short a word to describe such a massive and beautiful work of art! Many Thanks again to the whole team for realising my passion and dreams of twenty years.
-- Robert L

...I just received my new 20th Anniversary Atlantean sword. Wow, you all did a great job! It is fantastic, and I can't wait for the Father's Sword to be finished. I ordered it sharpened, and the paper that came on the blade says it was sharpened by Jody Samson. I can't believe it! I will be keeping that paper with the sword. In layman's terms "Jody is the man." Thanks again for all your hard work on this project.
-- Larry K

...The [20th Anniversary] Atlantean is a piece of art... I am truly speechless at the craftsmanship and aesthetics of the sword. I’ve waited a lifetime for this sword, ever since I saw the movie, and Albion did not fail to deliver.
-- Robert D

...I received the Atlantean Sword Friday... I felt like a kid on Christmas day. I still cannot believe that I own an Atlantean Sword. Twenty years of waiting for the sword to be made into production. I can say that the workmanship on the sword leaves me speechless; everyone at Albion has done a wonderful job of remaking the sword ...when I held the sword for the first time I thought of the scene in the movie where Conan (Schwarzenegger) finds the sword in the crypt of the Atlantean king -- you can see the [same] feeling in his expression. To see and feel the detail of the guard and pommel for the first time, actually holding the sword and realizing that it is yours, is truly an awesome feeling. I am more than pleased with my choice to buy the 20th Anniversary Atlantean Sword. I want to thank Howy, Amy, and everyone else that made a dream of owning the Atlantean Sword come true. Thank you all very much!
-- Donivan P
...When we spoke on the phone a couple of weeks ago, you asked me to contact you after recieving the Atlantean sword (to let you know it arrived safely, how it looked, etc.). Well, I've got it and... Oh my God! Words like incredible, awesome, and breathtaking fall short -- they've been wasted on tv commercials and magazine ads for products that are undeserving of such praise! This sword deserves those words in their truest sense. It is a tremendous work of art! That, by the way, is coming from a professional artist. I have spent nearly twenty years searching for the swords from Conan the Barbarian. They mean more to me than simply weapons on the wall. They are symbols of my childhood, of my vision as an artist, and of my identity as an individual. They are a part of my personal history, and to own them is to realize a life-long dream. I say all of this so you can know how much it means to me that Albion has provided this oportunity. So from the bottom of my heart, to Albion Armorers, Ron Cobb, John Milius, Tim Hutchthausen, and Jody Samson -- thank you and well done!!
-- Mark K
Dear Albion Armorers and Mr. Samson,
  The purpose of this e-mail is to tell you my thoughts on my new Conan Project 20th Anniversary Edition Atlantean Sword that I received yesterday.
  First, I thought it would be appropriate to tell you that I have been waiting for this sword to come into production (or reproduction) for roughly fifteen years. I have been paying close attention to all of your "Riddle of Steel Diary" postings over the past year and a half, and my expectations rose steadily higher with each one. I am not a poet, but I will do my best to describe my feelings about the sword.
  The 20th Anniversary Edition Atlantean Sword is simply breathtaking.
  Your work has surpassed my expectations. The sword is larger than life. I know it sounds like I am embellishing, but it is truly amazing to look at.
  I cannot thank you enough for taking up this endeavor and doing it the right way. It is a credit to your company's integrity by analyzing every detail by using the experts who created the sword in the first place.
  I am very satisfied with my purchase and I cannot wait to show this sword off. If anyone were to have any questions on the meaning of an "investment grade sword", they just need to look upon and hold one of your 20th Anniversary Edition Atlantean Swords created by your company.
  I am impressed with the packaging of the sword as well. The sword arrived quickly and without any problems.
In conclusion, I would just like to thank you once again for the sword. All of you should be very proud of your hard work. This sword will surely impress a lot more people in the future. I will do my best to get the word out on this sword. Something this good should not be kept secret.
-- Chad G
My most sincere thanks for your help, and for such an immediate response as well (see...this is why I'm absolutely raving about you guys!).

I'll send my Atlantean out on Monday. It's going to be a little difficult to lose sight of it for a short while. That crazy sword has become my most prized possesion. Not a day goes by where I fail to pause numerous times and admire it, or take it from the wall to swing it around a bit. My family can vouch for me on that -- they think I'm nuts (but that's a separate issue)!

I can't help but say thank you once again for undertaking the Conan project. It's a dream come true!!
Now to save up for that Discerner... Happy Holidays to you and everyone there at Albion!!
-- Mark K

...Bubbling with youthful enthusiasm, I quickly opened both crates to first behold the immensely powerful and large, widely bladed Father's sword. This sword is truly a splendid work of art with a barbarous weight yet nicely balanced.

The Vic Anselmo sword is also magnificent. I drew this sword from it's crate and was first struck by it's lithely curve like a crescent moon. The fine-honed blade reveals a demoniac tip with potential deadlier than the strike of a serpent.

Smithery is hard work. Hammering out and sculpting a sword is no less laborious than wielding that sword in battle. I truly appreciate the hard work and astonishing talent Jody Samson and the entire team of people are blessed with at Albion Armorers. You definately bring dreams into reality. With admiration and appreciation,
-- Rick R
... Hi to all at Albion/ Filmswords!
Thought you might appreciate yet another testimonial to add to your sites! My Atlantean arrived this morning. Theres not a lot else I can add to what has been said in the other testimonials I have read.
Its a fantastic sword, and I am extremley pleased with it, though it took me a while to get over the shock of actually holding it in my hand!
What I will write about is the service I recieved. Being a UK customer, I was put off ordering by the fact I would have to pay massive UK Import taxes - something I find unfair considering the sword is made in America! Fortunatley, Filmswords pointed me over to Albion Europe, where Soeren happily helped me out with my purchase.
By buying through the European office, UK customers do not pay import tax, so I saved a bundle of cash (which was great considering I am a lowly student on a budget!) Soeren was very helpful, and made a personal payment plan for me. He kept me up to date with my payments, completion and delivery dates of the sword, when it would arrive in Europe and when I would recieve it. He also gave me tracking numbers for DHL so I could watch its progress for myself.
Despite over 40 emails he remained pleasant and friendly throughout my purchase, never once complaining about my continual bombardment. I was even given a free sample of oil and some scotch pads, which I didnt expect. If you live in Europe, he's the man! Thanks Soeren!
I still cant believe I have it in my hand! Its been a great day swinging it around in the garden. 20 odd years of waiting have finally paid off! Lets hope I can save again for the Fathers Sword!
I would like to thank everyone who made owning this sword possible. I really do appreciate the work that has gone into the process of its creation, and hope to do business with you again soon.
I would lastly like to give my thanks to my wife, Tracey, for helping me save up, for not complaining about my obsession too much, and for bringing my dream to life. Cheers babe! Many thanks
-- Darren W
...To the teams at Albion US and Albion Europe.
I think I must start with a huge thank you! You have bought to life some thing that I never thought I would get to own and what a sword the Atlantean is.
From the moment I read the review on the my armoury website I knew I had to have one. I must admit that I was a little apprehensive over the price but it is worth every single penny. The detail and workmanship on the sword are some thing you can only understand when you hold it in your hand. You really know you have it in your hand as well, there has been no short cuts in the creation and making of the sword. I have held and used many swords over the years and although the Atlantean is probably the heaviest I have held it is as well balanced as most I own or have seen.
The photos on the websites don't do it justice. It's more than is sword as it is art bought to life. The blade has been beautifully ground, the bronze castings have fantastic detail and you will never polish away those engravings.
The only down side is that I think am now going to have to buy the father sword as well to make the pair, if you can call owning two beautiful swords a down side.
I would like to say a bit thank you to Søren at Albion Europe. He has been so helpful in getting the sword for me. I have bugged him with many mails asking far to many questions and he has replied to every one promptly and with exactly the information I needed. From the mails we have exchanged you get the feeling of a sword collector that loves his hobby and really knows his stuff, I think he has been a great addition to the team. I hope to speak to him again soon when I can place an order for the Father Sword (I promise not to ask so many questions this time !)
I would like to say than you to all the team that create the swords and spend hours of craftsmanship over them. The time you have spent on my Atlantean sword is much appreciated. Thank you to Jody who bought the first sword to life in the film that sparked my interest in swords some 20 odd years ago. You have designed and bought to life a sword that that for me has never been bettered in any other film. Thank you all again for giving me the opportunity to own a sword like this. The proud owner of Atlantean #273...
-- Matthew (Kent, England)
To everyone at Albion,
I recently received my Atlantean and was speechless. What a magnificent piece of functional artwork! The detail is superb and the balance is incredible.
I want to thank everyone at Albion for making this possible and especially my wife for being so understanding when making the purchase.
"The Atlantean - sword of swords" ...
Thanks again,
-- Eric Z
...Hey Mike just got the [Atlantean] sword today...
I just want to applaud you and your crew for the fine craftsmanship you have so painstakingly put into these blades.
This is an amazing sight to behold.
You have taken my childhood dreams and turned it into reality. I was in such awe when I first opened that box. It's really nice to know that I have one of the last few pieces that were in production.
This has become my greatest treasure (next to my bible and faith).
Thank you so much again for bringing so much joy into my life. It was well worth the wait.
P.S. I've had the Conan soundtrack going non stop! lol
-- Darin S.
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The Vic Anselmo Sword
Customer Testimonials
...I received the Vic Anselmo Sword yesterday. I am trying to think about what I can say about the sword.
When I opened the crate and played with the sword, I was and still am completely flabbergasted.

Simply, 100% astounded.
It is a heavy sword for it's size, but due to the balance it feels like a toy in my hand.

When I swung it through the air, the whistle was pure music.

An absolutely fabulous sound.

The Vic Anselmo Sword is indeed the top shelf of my collection. If I only had a single word to describe the sword, I would have to say unbelievable. Until you actually hold the sword in your hand, you cannot understand the its majesty.

Thank you very much.
---Thomas S

Dear Albion:

For the past 4 weeks, I have been struggling to find the proper way to express my feelings upon receiving the Vic Anselmo sword. Here are some of my imperfect efforts to convey my emotions:

It's Christmas day, and it's time to open the BIG present!
I'm bombing down the steepest hill in town on my Huffy -- I raise both hands in the air and holler!
Finals are over! And the 3 stooges are on!

The dog jumps up on the table. He is wagging his tail, eating everything!

Whooshing thru the air:
Vic Anselmo, No Regrets!
Hand me the Band-aids!

The Swordsman's one eye gleamed as he grasped the multi-hued micarta handle. He laughed as 4+ pounds of finely tempered steel slit the suburban skies.
"They got it Right!" he gasped in amazement, swinging the legendary blade in wider and wider arcs ---
while, unbeknownst to him, the mailman backed slooowly out of the yard....

OK, none of this is too good

Howy, as you know, I've been waiting for this for a looong time. Was it in 1989 you made me the costume replicas -- boots, apron, gauntlets? And the scabbard for my sincere, though lousy, sword replica (lots of resin putty, a hoe handle -- sure, NOW it's embarrassing).

And it was thanks to you, for forwarding my replica sword photo to Vic Anselmo, that I was able to meet Vic. He showed unbelievable generosity to me by agreeing to help me construct a more accurate replica -- even sending me detailed drawings, measurements and instructions, for carving the brass, shaping the blade,assembling it all, and speaking with me often by phone.

Imagine that -- the legendary sword and knife maker offers me -- Joe Nobody -- a chance to reconstruct his most famous work -- I'm still blown-away by that kindness.

However, despite his generous efforts, I simply did not have the necessary skills to pull it off, and as the Unfixable Mistakes mounted up, my Beloved Project became That-Piece-Of-S#!#-In-The-Corner.
( The dog drinks happily from the toilet-suddenly-the lid falls!)

And so it is with a deep appreciation for the difficulties of construction techniques that I have received this replica.

I repeat, Albion--You Got It Right!

This IS what I was hoping for, a masterwork in steel. I know it is also a work of love and long-term dedication, and trust me-it shows.

Please accept my sincere admiration, gratitude, and respect for everyone at Albion who took part.

Vic --You are a man of Honor and great kindness. Thank you. I salute you with your own sword.

Once again, All my Best to all of Albion,

-- Bill Z
(The only downside: the cowardly Mailman, who refuses to enter my yard anymore -- but a small price, to bear proudly)

...I just wanted to share a few thoughts about the [Vic Anselmo] Sword.

It's been a month and I wanted to take some time to live with and bond with the sword before responding. My first subjective thought is "This is an INCREDIBLE SWORD!!," but on the more objective side I have many production and a few custom-made blades, but nothing like this!

The fit and finish are flawless! The balance is down right feels like it weighs about 3 pounds, but the scale says just under 5.

The attention detail is very impressive. It is difficult to explain -- you have to hold the sword to really understand.

Many collectors probably browse through the webpage and think the prices are very high, but when you think of how much time and effort went in to the creation of the sword it truly is a bargain to the collector and will be cherished for a lifetime.

I wish to extend my personal thanks and respect to everyone involved in the making of the Vic Anselmo sword.
-- Edward S

...I am sending you this e mail because I just finished cleaning the [Vic Anselmo] sword after I went outside and cut all the way through two 2 by 4s.

And the sword held up great.

I did not think you made such a good sword -- I was wrong. It will be a great prize in my collection. I think I may buy the Conan the Destroyer sword.
-- Harry D
...I just got my [Vic Anselmo] sword the other day, and I am very happy with how well it was done.

I have watched the movie since, and I have tried to be picky and compare the two. I have to tell you they are exact.

I have wanted this sword since I was four years old -- I am 23 now and have always loved this classic movie. I will also be buying the sheath when that is available.

My special thanks to Mike Sigman, and all the great people at Albion for making this long dream of mine a reality.

-- Ben R

The Vic Anselmo sword: Beautiful. Sleek. Deadly.

There is something about this sword that speaks “perfection”. Every element of the sword is in harmony with the others.

The blade shape is gorgeous – the gentle sweep of the long blade melds perfectly into the pseudo-scimitar end with it’s additional false edging. It WANTS to be swung.
The craftsmanship is excellent. The lines are clean, the fit is tight, and the walnut grip is sumptuous. In a word, “perfection”.

Perhaps as others have said you just have to hold one in your hands to truly realize it. I have owned, and will own, other more ornate swords, with more exotic materials. In fact, I am awaiting an Atlantean right now. Yet, I think this sword will always be one of my true favorites.
-- Rich R
... About the Atlantean -- what can I say that has not already been said. It is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. My wife allowed me to hang it in our bedroom that way it is the last thing I see when I go to sleep and the first thing I see when I wake up in the morning.
I told my wife the day I received it that she would have to sleep on the couch so that the sword had a nice warm place to rest the first night. She didn't think that was very funny. The sword is awesome and the service was even better.
Thank you Mike. And be sure to thank everyone there for making this dream a reality. I hope to be purchasing the Fathers Sword by the end of this year. Thanks again,
-- J. S
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Martian Longsword
...Just wanted to drop you a note that I got the Frazetta John Carter Warlord of Mars Longsword as realized by Mr. Samson. It's a real beauty. It handles in the hand fantastic. I have to be cautious with this sword in particular because it's actually quite long and super sharp. The gentle upswept curve moves the point around much more than I would have expected also. Definitely a finesse weapon. This sword is calling out for either a nice scabbard and "jewel-encrusted" harness system or a nice presentation display stand. It really is quite impressive. Imagining John Carter using this weapon or defending Dejah Thoris is satisfying on so many levels I can't even tell you. Thanks and kudos to all of you that made this possible!
-- Eric C
...Holy God Mike! You said this sword was great, but I wasn't expecting this. I got the Martian Longsword yesterday, and I have to tell you, I'm impressed, greatly. The blade is a few inches longer than a European longsword I have, but the weight is mainly in the hand, and not in the blade. I was a little leery about buying a sword that's so expensive, but I am very glad I did. Albion and Jody Samson have earned my gratitude, and any extra, hard-earned cash I may have on hand... Thanks a million to you also, Mike. Were it not for your earnesty and dedication, I doubt Albion would be where it's at today. My thanks go out to everyone who worked on my sword, and any one else’s sword who forgot to put in a thank you, you make childhood dreams, and even adult dreams for that matter, a reality while letting us keep our homes. Have a great day, week, or what have you, and keep up the amazing work!
-- James L
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