Limited Edition Recreation Project

The Albion Sword



One of the legendary Seven Swords of Weyland, forged with spells and marked with runes of power...

Designed by Lars Hansen, this sword is a composite of the many versions of this sword - taking the best elements from each and creating a sharp, fully functional design.

Lars painstakingly hand-carved originals for the hilt components in wax and cast them in bronze.

The high carbon steel blade is diamond in cross-section and is hand heat-treated and hand-ground in the Albion Blade shop.

The sword is available in a Special Limited Edition, and is fully-functional as well as being a handsome display piece.

Specifications for
The Albion Sword

Overall length:
39" (99 cm)
Blade length:
31.125" ( 79 cm)
Blade width (at base):
1.875 (4.6 cm)
Weight: 3.25 lbs (1.47 k)


  Hand-finished Bronze Fittings
  Leather Cord-Wrapped Grip with handmade Bronze Ferrules
  High Carbon Steel, Hand-Ground and Polished Blade with Etched Inscription on Both Sides
  Individually Differentially Heat-Treated Blade

Special Limited Edition
The Albion Sword … $1,320

Reservations can be placed with a deposit of $500. Convenient payment plans available.

Only a limited number of these swords can be made in the course of a year. The sword ships in a specially designed handmade wooden box that can easily be converted into a display box for your sword.

As with all Albion Mark™ swords, these pieces are guaranteed for life against defects in materials and workmanship.
This guarantee does not apply to damage caused by your modifications, neglect, inappropriate use, and natural wear and tear. Refurbishing services for your sword, when necessary, are available for a reasonable fee.

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