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Frequently Asked Questions About The Film Swords/Albion Payment Plan

How can I make my down payment?

Down payments can be made via credit card, money order, or check. To place an order, just call Mike of Albion, at 1-888-806-4356 between 8a.m. and 5p.m. Monday through Friday. Or you can place the order by printing off our order form, available on our orders page, and faxing it to 608-527-4358, or mailing it to:

Film Swords
421 Second Street
PO Box 66
New Glarus, WI 53574

Another option is to send us two e-mails to, outlined as such:

First mail stating what you're ordering
The first half of your credit card number
The billing address and phone number for that card
The name that appears on the card

The second mail should have the shipping address for the product, if that address is different from the billing address for the card.
The second half of your credit card number
The credit card expiration.
The amount that should be placed as a deposit, if you wish to put more down than the required deposit amount.

How will the monthly payments be handled?

There are 2 options for monthly payments

  1. A charge card number is given to Albion/Film Swords, and the agreed-upon amount will be charged to the card each month.
  2. A check or money order is sent by you, to Albion/Film Swords, by the 20th of each month.

When will my sword be shipped to me?

  1. If a charge card is used, then Albion/Film Swords will charge the remainder of the the retail price and shipping at the time the sword is ready. If payments are fulfilled, but the sword is not yet ready - it will be shipped as soon as it is ready.
  2. If monthly payments are being made by check or money order, the sword will be shipped when it's ready, and the entire sale price has been paid.

What is this written agreement that I have to sign?

Albion/Film Swords has pulled together a very simple form to be filled out in order to enact the payment plan. Once filled out, it can be faxed, e-mailed, or mailed to Film Swords LLC, PO Box 66, New Glarus, WI 53574. Once it's in our hands, the plan will be enacted.

What if I have to cancel my order before it has been fulfilled?

Unfortunately it would be very difficult for us to issue a cash refund upon cancellation, since the funds we take in are used for paying staff, materials, utilities, our building, and all of the things that go into running a business. Consequently, Albion/Film Swords will maintain an "in store credit" of the amount that you have paid, that you can use at any time toward any product.

Where do I write or call if I have questions that aren't answered here?

There are many ways to get a hold of us. You can write to Albion/Film Swords about this program at the general e-mail address: (Albion Swords is the parent company of Film Swords LLC). You can call us between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday at 1-888-806-4356 for domestic calls, or 608-527-4357 for international calls. We usually get back to e-mails within 24 hours Monday through Friday. If you do not hear from us in that timeframe, please feel free to drop us another e-mail, just in case yours was lost to the cyberdepths.

There is a purchase agreement to be faxed, mailed, or e-mailed to us before payment plan is activated. Please fill it out and send it off, and we'll put the agreement into action!

If you have any questions, drop us a mail!

Please note: Film Swords recreations are NOT intended for use as a weapon.
Any such use voids all warranties and no liability of any kind for such use can be assumed by Film Swords, LLC or its licensors.

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