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Read the final entry of the Conan "Riddle of Steel" here.

Our contract with Conan Properties expires this year and we have chosen not to renew it. Therefore the Conan swords will be available only through the end of October 2007 - order yours before they run out!
Our authentic Conan pieces are only available through the and Albion Europe websites.


Howy just found out that a childhood friend, Jeff Mariotte, has written the newly published Age of Conan: Marauders, Volume 1--Ghost of the Wall. Go here to read more about it.

We are having a post-Holiday, pre-price increase Sale!

On January 15th, we will be instituting a necessary price increase on most models.
From now until January 15th, you can still get the swords at the 2005 price and take an additional $50 off.

The first Highlander Katana prototype has been assembled and we will be going into production on these soon. Here are a couple of photos of the sword and saya.

More news to follow soon!

Albion has donated one of the 10 Limited Edition Conan Masters (Father's) Swords to an auction benefitting the American Red Cross Hurricane Relief Effort hosted by and Toy Shop Magazine called "Collectibles for the American Red Cross."
Details of the auction can be found here.
and the sword can be found here:

Bid now on this valuable collectable! It is a great way to help those who help others!

The prototype Frazetta Limited Edition Martian Longsword is finished! Go here for more photos.

The prototype of the Frazetta Death Dealer Axe is finally complete... Go here for more photos

The prototype of the standard edition Frazetta Martian Longsword is finished. Go here for more photos.

The prototype of the Conan the Barbarian Subotai's Sword is finally complete.

Go here for more photos.

The Hessians are here! See photos of the finished Hessian Sword from Sleepy Hollow here.

Detail of the Genuine Garnet Eyes on the Sleepy Hollow Hessian Sword

Recent Testimonial
The [Frazetta] Snow Giant helm was everything I expected. Absolutely wonderful!
I just saw your Mantis helm today for the first time. Wow! That is gorgeous! I would sure love to own one of those

Great News for Conan Fans
Due to increases in efficiency and lower costs to produce our Anniversary Conan swords, we are now able to pass those savings on to you by rolling back our prices!

New prices:
Barbarian Atlantean: $2,500
Destroyer Atlantean: $2,500
Father's/Masters Sword: $3,000
Valeria's Sword: $2,000
Subotai's Sword: $1,850

Sleepy Hollow Project Update
The guard and pommel for the Hessian sword have been cast in steel, and the first blade ground by Jason. Photos below show an assembled prototype with a test resin grip (the actual grips have not yet been cast and will be colored and antiqued to match the castings.)

A non-refundable deposit of $500 is required to reserve the sword. The swords will be shipped as they are completed, in the order they are reserved. Convenient payment plans available.

Timeline Project Update
The guard and pommel for the Arnaut's sword have been carved from wax by Leif Hansen. The next step is to make molds and run production waxes for the foundry.

Leif has finished the molding and the first prototype waxes for the Sleepy Hollow Hessian Sword -- they are now being sent off to the foundry for casting. The grip is already out being cast. Here is a preview photo:

Mark has finished the painstaking restoration of the resin castings from the Sleepy Hollow molds (additional restorations to the resin in brown and blue wax) -- now we will make production molds and begin making final waxes for casting.

Steve Fisher has completed the programming for the blade blank of the Limited Edition Hessian Sword from Sleepy Hollow. Here is a preview photo of the unground blank with the guard in place.

Talented scabbardmaker and jeweler Kevin Iseli just finished the first scabbard for the Vic Anselmo sword -- a vituoso performance!

See more photos here.

Conan Project Update

The first Fangs of the Serpent Daggers have been cast. Now we are working on restoring details and adding the sculpted leather grips. Here is a photo showing a completed dagger and three other daggers in process.

Highlander Project Update

See the Masamune Memoirs for details!

Announcing recreations of the first swords from Paramount's new film, TIMELINE

opening in theaters everywhere, November 26th.
Go here for more information.

Limited Edition Vic Anselmo Swords in production
The first two swords have been completed and shipped, and the color issue with the micarta handle has been solved! Go here for more photos.

Frazetta Project
Lars has completed the prototype for the Snow Giant II Helm. Go here for more photos.

Introducing the First Piece in the Jody Samson Sculpture Line

The Dragon Embryo
Cast in resin with antiqued bronze finish, 7.5" tall.
Limited Edition of 10 hand-signed by Jody: $250
Collector's Edition: $150


Vic Anselmo Limited Edition
Snow Giant II helm prototype complete


Frazetta Project
Snow Giant II helm prototype complete

See more photos here


Frazetta Project
Snow Giant II helm prototype almost complete

New Sculpture Line by Jody Samson

The Dragon Embryo
Cast in resin with antiqued bronze finish, 7.5" tall.
Limited Edition of 10 hand-signed by Jody: $250
Collector's Edition: $150


Special Halloween Announcement of
A New Licensed Recreation Project:

The Hessian Weapons from the
Paramount/Tim Burton film
Sleepy Hollow

Albion Sites -- over 3 Million Hits a Month!
For the first time, the Albion sites have passed the 3 million hits per month mark -- and just last December (2002) we were celebrating 2 million hits per month!

Thank you to our many customers for making us such a well-visited site!


Frazetta Project
Barbarian Sword Waxes almost complete
Jody Samson has been hard at work, creating wax originals for the hilt components of the much-anticipated Frazetta
Barbarian Sword.

Here is a photo of the work in progress (still many details to be added):


Conan Project
Mother's sword waxes, restored by Leif Hansen, are almost complete.

Frazetta Project
Death Dealer Helm
Final prototype, first production Death Dealer Helm completed.
Here are several shots of armourer Lars Hansen and his final prototype in process
. The helm is fully wearable and has a complete, hand-made leather lining.


Snow Giant Helm #2
Lars has also almost finished the prototype for Snow Giant Helm #2

A shot of the semi-finished helmet bowl and the hand-made leather lining.


HIII Grip Castings Tested

Jason Dingledine took the latest Highlander III Masamune Katana grip casting and mounted it on one of the test blades. It is pressure-fitted and pinned, just as the final swords will be. However, there was no fuchi (collar) supporting the throat of the grip (the thinnest point in the casting) and no tsuba (guard).
Jason cut completely through a 2x4 (mounted in a post-vise) twice, after several rigorous cuts each time, with no damage to the cast resin grip (or the blade).
(Please note: cutting through 2x4s is not recommended with any sword and was done purely for the stress-testing of the grip.)

Right click (save target as) to download the avi video of the test procedure here.

Recent Testimonial
.I got my Discerner and I have to tell you it is a thing of rare beauty.
I truly cannot describe how ecstatic I am with this incredible piece, especially since this is no. 0001!!!!
Kudos to Jim Lindsey for making another certain sword I like to call divine (together with the Atlantean & the Father's) a reality for all of us who were kids back in the 80s.
Its fine highly polished blade & silver wire and its bronzes are fantastic in form and color, the whole thing is so flawless and, well, so PERFECT (kinda reminds me of champagne for some reason,and makes you wanna somehow drink it...ah,the sweet color of polished bronze...) the pommel is so unbelievably beautiful,and one cannot help but keep staring at it, as it's changing hues&shades when reflecting the light.
Howy & Amy -- you DO make dreams come true.
THANK YOU SO MUCH ALBION ARMORERS -- now I'm off to get that Destroyer Atlantean, cause the Atlantean is more of a sacred object to me, a personal totem, and so I can't just have only one.
-- Chris Michas


Web Page Changes
The Film Swords webpage is getting a facelift -- please pardon our appearance while all of the pages are being converted!


Recent Testimonial

...I received the Vic Anselmo Sword yesterday. I am trying to think about what I can say about the sword.
When I opened the crate and played with the sword, I was and still am completely flabbergasted.
Simply, 100% astounded.
It is a heavy sword for it's size, but due to the balance it feels like a toy in my hand.
When I swung it through the air, the whistle was pure music.
An absolutely fabulous sound.
The Vic Anselmo Sword is indeed the top shelf of my collection. If I only had a single word to describe the sword, I would have to say unbelievable. Until you actually hold the sword in your hand, you cannot understand its majesty.
Thank you very much.
---Thomas Stout

Conan Project
Tower Dagger Completed
Jason, Rob and Mark have completed the first run of Tower Daggers. The hilt components were cast from waxes carved by Leif, the blade designed by Jason from original prop specifications, and CADD design and blank milling by Steve Fisher.

In this case, dagger is a misnomer -- with a blade over 16" long and 1.5" wide, this is more of a shortsword!

Recent Testimonial

...We picked up the Father's Sword and I was floored by the packaging, and upon opening the packaging, I was stunned by the quality and workmanship of the sword.
I never expected it to be soooo good.
It is just like the image on the website, and after a less than satisfactory previous experience [with another company], believe me, it was such a relief to view such a magnificent piece of art.
I am continually amazed by the detail of the relief work on the pommel and the guard. The runes on the blade are marvellously executed, and set it off so nicely.
Even though the weight is posted on the website, I never expected it to be so weighty, and I wonder how you managed to balance it so well.
A superlative piece of work. Thank you everyone at Albion Armorers. Dreams do come true.
-- Jerry

Conan Project Update
Leif has finished the Subotai waxes and has fitted them to the tang plug. Now, they will be sent off for molding and casting in bronze while the first blades, designed by Jason and Steve, are being ground.


Recent Testimonial
The Poetic Wiseacre Strikes Again

What is steel compared to the hand that wields it?

I ponder the Riddle of Steel,
As the Master's Sword I now behold.
Its weight & heft & balance, I feel,
'Tis truly worth its weight in gold!

The relic of Atlantis,
First of the Conan blades,
Is a beauteous thing of power,
Earning praise to all in spades!

Now I hold the Master's Sword,
Made by the father, broken by the son,
In the heat of single combat,
At the Battle of the Mounds, won.

In quality so very high,
In beauty 'tis unsurpassed,
In craftsmanship unequalled,
'Tis more than I could've asked!

The Atlantean sword appears to me,
As the only rival to mention.
But to choose a favorite between them,
Is to create unnecessary tension.

Such great blades inspire us,
To pick a war to fight and win!
What magic is there bound inside?
Perhaps they are Stormbringer's kin?

Hephaestus must've blessed the forge,
Of the illustrious Mr. Samson.
What other reason is there,
For his works, so strong & handsome?

Eitri must be running about,
Giving help & bestowing aid,
For I see no rival to Albion,
At the task of forging blades!

Reorx can place his bets,
With confidence & ease.
The crew at Albion Armorers,
Are best at aiming to please!

So then, what is steel?
Compared to the hand that wields it?
'Tis a tool of training for the Warrior,
To make him strong and make him fit.

The Discipline of Steel.
For this I toil & train,
With stick & blade & empty-hand,
Through soreness & through pain.

Thank-you, all at Albion,
For the sword, numbered thirty-two.
I shall see what else you'll make,
And, in time, place in a call or two.

It should be noted at the last,
Of this silly semi-poetic tale:
I didn't have to wait over a year,
For this sword to arrive in the mail!

(Anybody remember my last poem???)

-- Daniel Woon, Las Cruces, New Mexico

(Reference notes:
Stormbringer is the evil magical black hell-sword owned by Elric, anti-hero of Michael Moorcock's novels. The sword feeds on souls and has a lot of cross-dimensional brothers & sisters.
Hephaestus is the Greek god of the forge who made armor for Achilles and a throne for Zeus.
Eitri is the dwarf of Norse mythology responsible for creating Mjolnir, the Crusher, hammer of Thor, God of Thunder.
Reorx is the god of Dwarves and the forge who created the world in the Dragonlance novels by Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman. In his mortal appearance, he is a fun-loving dwarf with a severe gambling problem.)

Recent Testimonial
Dear Albion:
For the past 4 weeks, I have been struggling to find the proper way to express my feelings upon receiving the Vic Anselmo sword. Here are some of my imperfect efforts to convey my emotions:

It's Christmas day, and it's time to open the BIG present!
I'm bombing down the steepest hill in town on my Huffy -- I raise both hands in the air and holler!
Finals are over! And the 3 stooges are on!

The dog jumps up on the table. He is wagging his tail, eating everything!

Whooshing thru the air:
Vic Anselmo, No Regrets!
Hand me the Band-aids!

The Swordsman's one eye gleamed as he grasped the multi-hued micarta handle. He laughed as 4+ pounds of finely tempered steel slit the suburban skies.
"They got it Right!" he gasped in amazement, swinging the legendary blade in wider and wider arcs ---
while, unbeknownst to him, the mailman backed slooowly out of the yard....

OK, none of this is too good...

Howy, as you know, I've been waiting for this for a looong time. Was it in 1989 you made me the costume replicas -- boots, apron, gauntlets? And the scabbard for my sincere, though lousy, sword replica (lots of resin putty, a hoe handle -- sure, NOW it's embarrassing).
And it was thanks to you, for forwarding my replica sword photo to Vic Anselmo, that I was able to meet Vic. He showed unbelievable generosity to me by agreeing to help me construct a more accurate replica -- even sending me detailed drawings, measurements and instructions, for carving the brass, shaping the blade,assembling it all, and speaking with me often by phone.
Imagine that -- the legendary sword and knife maker offers me -- Joe Nobody -- a chance to reconstruct his most famous work -- I'm still blown-away by that kindness.
However, despite his generous efforts, I simply did not have the necessary skills to pull it off, and as the Unfixable Mistakes mounted up, my Beloved Project became That-Piece-Of-S#!#-In-The-Corner.
( The dog drinks happily from the toilet-suddenly-the lid falls!)
And so it is with a deep appreciation for the difficulties of construction techniques that I have received this replica.
I repeat, Albion--You Got It Right!
This IS what I was hoping for, a masterwork in steel. I know it is also a work of love and long-term dedication, and trust me -- it shows.
Please accept my sincere admiration, gratitude, and respect for everyone at Albion who took part.
Vic --You are a man of Honor and great kindness. Thank you. I salute you with your own sword.
Once again, All my Best to all of Albion,

-- Bill Zuerner
(The only downside: the cowardly Mailman, who refuses to enter my yard anymore -- but a small price, to bear proudly)

Destroyer Atlantean Prototype Complete!
The Destroyer Atlantean is complete and we are ready to go into full production, after we receive final approval from Conan Properties.

The Destroyer Atlantean is two inches longer than the Barbarian Atlantean -- an inch longer grip and an inch longer in the cutting edge of the blade. Other differences: the ricasso is slightly wider on this version of the Atlantean, and the steel langets are more "hooked," and the grip is wrapped with round leather lace.

As on the Barbarian Atlantean, the hilt components are cast in solid bronze from the original studio molds, the blades ground from 1075 steel and heat-treated in the Albion Forge Shop. The runes are deeply engraved on both sides of the blade. Comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by Jody Samson.

Wait times for this sword will be 2 weeks from time of order. Payment plans are available.

A side-by-side comparison of the new Conan the Destroyer Atlantean and the Conan the Barbarian Atlantean

Vic Anselmo Anniversary Collector's Edition swords are now in stock, ready for immediate delivery.

Conan Project Update
Steve Fisher has finished designing, programming and running the Destroyer Atlantean and Conan Dagger blades and has prototyped the blade for the Conan Mother's Sword.

The prototype Fangs of the Serpent Dagger is at the foundry, being cast early next week.

Highlander Project
We received the wax for the Highlander I Masamune Katana grip today from artist Jose de Braga -- only one word -- masterful!

See more in the Masamune Memoirs!

The first three products from our exclusive licensed line of recreations from the artwork of legendary fantasy artist Frank Frazetta are now available for advance reservation -- see more information on the Frazetta page!

Jose de Braga has almost completed the waxes for Highlander I and II Masamune Katana grips -- read more in the Masamune Memoirs!

Highlander I Masamune Katana Grip recarved by Jose de Braga


Recent Testimonials
...I just wanted to share a few thoughts about the [Vic Anselmo] Sword.

It's been a month and I wanted to take some time to live with and bond with the sword before responding. My first subjective thought is "This is an INCREDIBLE SWORD!!," but on the more objective side I have many production and a few custom-made blades, but nothing like this!

The fit and finish are flawless! The balance is down right feels like it weighs about 3 pounds, but the scale says just under 5.

The attention detail is very impressive. It is difficult to explain -- you have to hold the sword to really understand.

Many collectors probably browse through the webpage and think the prices are very high, but when you think of how much time and effort went in to the creation of the sword it truly is a bargain to the collector and will be cherished for a lifetime.

I wish to extend my personal thanks and respect to everyone involved in the making of the Vic Anselmo sword.
-- Edward Halsted Stout

...I am sending you this e mail because I just finished cleaning the [Vic Anselmo] sword after I went outside and cut all the way through two 2 by 4s.

And the sword held up great.

I did not think you made such a good sword -- I was wrong. It will be a great prize in my collection. I think I may buy the Conan the Destroyer sword.
-- Harry Dulski


Recent Testimonial
...I just got my [Vic Anselmo] sword the other day, and I am very happy with how well it was done.

I have watched the movie since, and I have tried to be picky and compare the two. I have to tell you they are exact.

I have wanted this sword since I was four years old -- I am 23 now and have always loved this classic movie. I will also be buying the sheath when that is available.

My special thanks to Mike Sigman, and all the great people at Albion for making this long dream of mine a reality.
-- Ben Robinson

Conan Project Update
We have begun final design work on 20th Anniversary Editions of Valeria's Sword™ ($2,500) and the Mother's Sword™ ($1,500) from Conan the Barbarian.

Valeria's Sword original film prop

Mother's Sword original film prop

Reservations for these 20th Anniversary Editions of 1,000 swords each can be placed with a $500 deposit. More details to follow!


20th Anniversary Atlanteans are now in stock, ready for immediate delivery!

Albion is having so much fun with their Economy Sucks sale, that Film Swords wanted to get in on some of that action. We're having another Upgrade Contest! Order a 20th Anniversary Atlantean or Master's (Father's) Sword between July 28th, 2003 and December 30th, 2003, and you will be automatically entered to win an upgrade* to a Limited Edition version of the sword you purchased. (Limited #9 of each has been reserved for this contest), hand-ground and signed by Jody Samson. Only 10 of these swords will be made, making this a rare collectible with an initial retail value of $10,000.

*The winner must be willing to return the 20th Anniversary Sword purchased in like-new condition, in its original packaging, in order to receive the Upgrade.

Recent Testimonial

...Dear Mike, Howy, Amy, Jody and everyone else at Albion who is responsible for bringing dreams to life.
Much the same as the way I felt that I climbed down into the tomb and pulled the Atlantean (sans dust, cobwebs and decay!) from the dead king's hand myself when I opened that box last year, I feel like Conan's parents handed this Sword to me right after they finished creating the masterpiece when I opened the box today containing the Fathers Sword.
So true to what appeared on the screen before my eyes for all these years. There's not much to say that hasn't already been said. Yes this Sword is at least as impressive as the Atlantean, but the Atlantean was the one I truly adored since I was a child.
As much as I thought I was prepared for this by having already seen how impressive your craftsmanship is (Atlantean) I was still stunned and speechless when I first looked upon The Fathers Sword. Looking into the empty eye sockets of the elk's skull you can almost "feel" the dismal spirit of Crom and the Cimmerians, and the harshness of the land that those grim people hail from.
For some reason I thought this Sword would be more awkward in handling than the Atlantean but it actually balances better and actually feels much lighter despite all of its mass.
The castings, the runes, the blade, the leather wrapping.. all unbelievably perfect. Master's Sword is a fitting name. Stunning.
As I've said before, to thank you a million times still would not suffice. Owning The Atlantean was certainly a dream come true, but to sit here and look at both Swords in front of me goes well beyond any dream I have ever had. Now I am convinced that Crom DOES in fact listen, after all, he sent us Albion Armorers! Sincerely and with my best wishes always,
-- Clifford Catropa

Fangs of the Serpent Dagger
Leif is currently working on polishing and detailing the wax for the prototype casting of the Fangs of the Serpent Dagger. Here is a preview photo of the mold with the wax in place.


Vic Anselmo Sword -- Collector's Edition
The final production prototype of the Collector's Edition has been finished with the walnut grip. The first swords will begin shipping soon. Here are some photos of the final prototype.

Frazetta Project
Lars has redesigned the horn for the Death Dealer helm -- it now will sit at a slightly different angle and have an upturned end, more true to the original paintings.

We are currently designing some products for an established live role-playing company operating in the East of France, reproducing Viking age items. Lars and Leif just finished this shield for them. More details to follow.


Frank Frazetta, Jr. was kind enough to report on his father's impressions of our prototype Death Dealer Helm on the official Frazetta News page. Here's an excerpt:

"We have just received a prototype of the Death Dealer Helm. It is a full-scale reproduction and a fabulous replica of the famous villains helmet. This will be returned to Albion Film Swords for minor revisions. My Dad has fallen in love with it and takes it everywhere. He was totally impressed with the likeliness of the image and a minor color correction on the horns was all he could comment on. For that being the only correction on a first try is amazing!"

Needless to say, we are all thrilled that the Master and Dean of fantasy art has approved our work -- and Lars just can't stop smiling. Go to the Frazetta News page for the full story (about halfway down the page), complete with photos.

A great new documentary on the life and career of Frank Frazetta will be released soon -- there is information and a trailer available from our friends at CineMachine.

Conan Project Update

We are happy to announce that we are totally caught up with 20th Anniversary Atlantean Sword™ orders and now, for the first time ever, Atlanteans™ are in stock and ready for immediate shipment. We are also in full production on Masters (Father's) Swords™ and are steadily working our way through the backorders on those as well.

Here's a photo of some of the swords in this week's batch near completion:

For those of us who have been along for every (sometimes agonizing) step of the multi-year journey to bring these swords to life again, it is amazing that you can see 10 or 20 Atlanteans™ or Master's (Father's)™ Swords in the final assembly process for shipment at any given time. Just think, for the last twenty years only three of each sword existed in the world.

We'd like to thank some of our partners who have been there from day one helping us achieve this major milestone and for getting the ball rolling in Year One: Jody, John Milius (and Leonard!), and of course Jason Dingledine (our first staff person and fellow dreamer who was there for the very first Conan Toast"...and hear the lamentation of d'er women") ;

and for all those folks who have joined us starting in Year Two: Mike (for the always excellent customer service); Mark (production lead), Rob (our master at figuring out how to replicate the look and feel), Roger (wood, wood, wood!), Renee (I need this yesterday!), Eric, Leif, Lars, John (the machine man) and Steve "The Daywalker" Fisher on CNC designs; and the great folks at Masters in Metal and Daniels Engraving.

And, of course, every one of the hundreds of people who have bought one of these swords -- for your patience, enthusiasm, and support during this long process.



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