Authenticated and exacting re-creations of swords and armor made famous in film, television, literature and fantasy art.
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What Does "Fully Functional" Mean?

A decorative object can serve its function just by hanging on the wall. It does not have to be functional as a sword in order to achieve this.

However, few collectors today are content with "looking at but not touching" their film replicas -- most expect that if a piece looks like a sword, it should function like a sword.

Though our recreations are not intended to be used as weapons, our customers do want to take them down off the wall and swing them around in the privacy of their own home -- to recapture that feeling of a particular scene from a film. Most film replicas are not made for even such casual use -- in fact some are possibly dangerous.

We make all of our pieces "fully functional" -- not only for accuracy, but for safety. Because most people do not disassemble their replicas, they may never know the difference -- until something breaks.

Below is a photograph showing one very basic difference between our film re-creations and the less expensive and more widely available film replicas.

The tangs of 4 of our recreations, from left to right: Vic Anselmo Sword™,
Conan Master's (Father's) Sword™, Conan Atlantean Sword™ and the Highlander Masamune Katana™,
and in the center, the (broken) tang of a popular film sword replica by another manufacturer.

Note the full tang construction of our recreations (no welds anywhere, the blade and tang are one piece.)

The other replica (center) has a "stub" tang, to which is welded a threaded piece of bar stock.

In addition, "fully functional" means that the science, engineering and art of swordmaking is applied to each recreation we make. Even when recreating the look of the original, we make whatever design enhancements are necessary to make the piece behave like a true sword -- from taper and cross-section of the blade, to weight, distribution of mass, heat-treating and other details.

Most original film props do not include these characteristics, but as we say -- we strive to bring you not only what you saw on film, but what you thought you saw as well:

A fully-functional sword, worthy of a hero.

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Please note: Film Swords recreations are NOT intended for use as a weapon.
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