Authenticated and exacting re-creations of swords and armor made famous in film, television, literature and fantasy art.
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Film Swords is proud to have the privilege to work with the Dean of all fantasy artists, Frank Frazetta.

Please check the News page for status updates on our new line of licensed Frazetta products from your favorite paintings, featuring swords designed in consultation with Mr. Frazetta by legendary swordmaker Jody Samson, and armor pieces by Lars Hansen.

Frazetta's enormous appeal stems mostly from his unreal reality approach: to make the unbelievable believable.

It is precisely this quality that separates Frazetta's work from the hordes of imitators who, like imitators of any artist offering to capture the essence of the work completely and channel their energies toward duplicating the obvious. Frazetta creates a color scheme, an atmosphere, a monster, a figure, a world, that does not exist. His actions are extreme, his figures disproportionate with muscles developed almost beyond human capability. His lighting often impossible, his animals exaggerated, his temples and palaces pure imagination, and his women a breed of their own. And he makes it all work.

 "I respond to the action, then paint what I feel about the action."

 "I see things as they exist, but I paint them from the image they have left on my mind rather than how they appear in reality. If you really examine your fears, you realize how out of proportion they are. Your mind's eye constantly paints pictures far in excess of what's real. I try to capture those images in my work. I'm dealing with the emotion of fear and not the anatomical proportions of the weapon. A sword can kill, and I will exaggerate those qualities of a sword that will emphasize its ability to kill. The size, the hardness, the coldness of the metal, the point, and the sharpened edge - whatever it takes to spell out the emotion the best."

 "I'm looking forward to final work of Albion, to see my swords, axes and armour, what I paint and create come to reality. Both the Death Dealer's axe and the Barbarian's sword will most certainly be welcomed pieces to the walls of the Frazetta Art Museum."

Frank Frazetta

The first products in our licensed Frazetta recreations are now available for advance reservation.


More products to be announced soon!

We encourage you to visit the Frazetta Museum and the Frazetta Gallery to purchase prints of your favorite Frazetta paintings!

A great new documentary on the life and career of Frank Frazetta is out -- there is information and a trailer available from our friends at CineMachine.

We also invite you to browse for Frank Frazetta's many published works:

Designs and artwork copyright 2003 Frank Frazetta, all rights reserved.
Film Swords is the exclusive worldwide licensee for these products.

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