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20th Anniversary Edition

The Destroyer
Atlantean Sword

The 20th Anniversary Conan the Destroyer Atlantean™ is now available in a limited edition of 1,000 pieces, commemorating the release of the film in 1984.

This is the only Destroyer Atlantean Sword™ made in the world under the direction of the late Jody Samson and from the original studio molds.

Each sword is painstakingly re-created, with solid bronze fittings cast from the original molds.

Runic inscriptions are deeply etched into both sides of each blade, exactly as on the originals.

This sword features a deeply hand-hollowground, hand-finished blade. The blades are exact reproductions of durable high carbon steel and heat treated to a tough 56 HRC.

The Destroyer Atlantean is two inches longer than the Barbarian Atlanteanoverall -- an inch longer grip and an inch longer in the cutting edge of the blade. Other differences: the ricasso is slightly wider on this version of the Atlantean, the steel langets are more "hooked," and the grip is wrapped with round leather lace.

20th Anniversary
Conan the Destroyer



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the Testimonials by customers who have received their swords.

Unlike other reproductions of this sword, the Albion Destroyer Atlantean is fully-functional. See a video here of a cutting demonstration performed with an Anniversary Barbarian Atlantean.

Each sword is shipped in a wooden crate.

20th Anniversary Conan the Destroyer
Atlantean Sword

Overall length: 41"

Blade Length: 29 1/8" from emergence from casting, 22.25" from end of langets

Blade thickness: .25" at base

CoG: 4.5" from base of grip (1" from blade's emergence from casting)

Weight: 8 lbs 3 oz

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