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Care of your Sword

Now that you have purchased your sword, you may think that all that is required of you as the owner is to admire and keep it safe. This is only part of your responsibility. Whether you purchased this piece for your own enjoyment or as an investment to be eventually sold in the open market, it will eventually find itself in the hands of another at some point. It will outlast all of us and continue to give pleasure and conversation to generations yet to come.

Because these are functional swords and not made of stainless steel, they will rust if not properly maintained. The 5160 steel blade has been treated with Albion’s own in-house blade oil and can be maintained with a light coating of oil after each use. Simply wipe on a small quantity of the oil with a soft cloth and rub until all traces of the oil appear to be gone. For best results, we recommend "Break Free," an oil available from Wal-Mart and other department stores. Re-oiling should be performed after each time handling the sword, and at least once a month if left untouched. It may be necessary to oil the blade more often in areas with high humidity or near the ocean. Please exercise extreme caution when cleaning and oiling a sharpened blade. Do not store swords in a scabbard when not being carried, as scabbards tend to absorb ambient moisture and will transfer that to the blade.

Should any rust appear on your blade, it can be removed with careful rubbing of the blade with the oil and "00" steel wool or a fine ScotchBrite pad (moving from the base of the blade toward the point).

Bronze hilt components are cast of the highest quality Everdure Silicon Bronze. This metal is made up primarily of Copper with small amounts of Manganese and Silicon. We all know what happens to a beautiful sheet of copper if it is left out in the elements... it may turn various shades of brown to bright green. This too will happen to your sword if exposed to the elements for any length of time. Bronze components of a sword indoors, unprotected, may also show signs of these colors in time. To maintain the colors and patterns in the patina of your sword and the bronze parts, please follow these guidelines:

Wax your piece at least once a year, more often if you live near the ocean or in high humidity areas. Using a soft clean cloth, wipe the surface gently to remove any dust. Use a clean soft paint brush to get into the detail or texture of your piece. If the piece is extremely soiled, dampen a cloth with water and gently wipe it clean, do not rub, then dry. Bronze hilt components are all coated with a thin coat of wax before they leave the shop. It is this wax layer you will need to replace from time to time. Using a clean cloth or brush apply a thin coat of TreWax, available from Albion/Film Swords. This wax gives the necessary protection and desired look. We do not recommend using Johnson's ® Paste Wax as it tends to darken some patinas. Allow the wax to dry (two or three minutes), then buff with a clean cloth. Use a soft shoe brush in the textured areas. Do not apply thick amounts of wax.

Additional tips:

Never use household cleaners or polishes such as Pledge ® or ArmorAll ®.

Never store your bronze in packing materials or boxes for long periods of time.

Never drape organic material over the sword.

All of these materials will permanently alter the coloration of your sword components.

If your sword should subsequently become damaged or in need of rejuvenation, Albion would be happy provide such service for a small fee.

All Albion products are backed by a lifetime guarantee against defects in materials and workmanship.

Please note: Film Swords recreations are NOT intended for use as a weapon.
Any such use voids all warranties and no liability of any kind for such use can be assumed by Film Swords, LLC or its licensors.

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